beauty of kinbaku

yoru no ran
ka ni kakurete ya
hana shiroshi

(Buson Yosa, 1715-1783)

K i n b a k u

Makoto, Keiai, Ai, Yamatonadeshiko, Shinjitsu, Shikan
~ joy & essence of life, with roots in Japan; old Japan ~

Air/Wind (風)
Water (水)
Void/Sky/Heaven (空)
Fire (火)
Earth (地)

Connecting. Leading. Seducing her. Opening her... to Him.
...her submission. Over-powered, empowered.
A love-dance.
Irresistible He is, rope talking from his kokoro.
Irreversibly she gives in, to Him. Body bound by hearts.

Not the forcefull western sexual ego-bondage-ride.
Nor simple pleasure and needs of flesh & mind.
No fetish. No sexual kink.

But a graceful 3-some;  1+1 = 7
Man~woman, heavenly, lasciviously, entangled.

Unbendable, never insensitive. Her lead. His rope, heart, mind.
receptive, responding, pleasing, confiding, courageous - Complying.


their Power
, their life, mercylessness, unveiling, strenght, pain, protective, comforting security, their caress, their honesty.

Ropes do not lie.
Ropes bring out what is.

His will, flowing from his hand, mind, skills and heart.
~ met & nourished by her abilities, sensitivity & sensuality.

Complete Dominance ~ pure submission

Intensity & beauty of submitting woman in His rope.

nec temere nec timide

crystal clear,
sharp and bright,
the sacred sword
allows no opening
for evil to roost
(Moriehei Ueshiba)

AND the must-have:

Is your teacup full?


¤ Safe ¤ Sane ¤ Empathy ¤

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Osada Steve WORKSHOPS in Copenhagen Sept. '09

Best news this summer:

Osada Steve-sama has agreed to visit
to teach kinbaku-classes in Sept. 2009! :o)

About Workshops/ info:

best, nekoko ^^ much looking foreward

more of Osada Steve's works a.o. on:, or

Monday, 11 May 2009

Enji Rayd shibari workshop 5-6 JUNI in Copenhagen

2 dages workshop i København med:

Enji Rayd
fra Osada kinbaku dojo Berlin!

Info og tilmelding via:

mata ne!
nekoko ^^